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icon tutorial: effy stonem 
6th-Jul-2009 05:52 pm
pink cupcake

tutorial made in psp; translatable

This coloring was requested by maesstria  over at coloring_help  (which I regularly stalk), and I figured that a maybe someone else might like to see it. So here you go:

1. Take your base and crop it to 100x100. Sharpen it, blur it, whatever, but don't do anything else to it yet.

2. Duplicate your base twice, and set both to Screen at 100% opacity.
The screencap itself is pretty dark, so I used the screen layers to lighten it up. You may or may not want to change the opacity of these layers, use just one, or skip them altogether based on your image.

3. Duplicate your base again, drag it to the top, and set it to Soft Light at 100% opacity. Duplicate the layer you just made, and set it 21% opacity.
The Screen layers washed her out quite a bit, so by adding the Soft Light layers, it brings some dimension and color back into the image while still keeping a good level of brightness.

4. Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance.
MIDTONES; 19, 6, -11
SHADOWS; 5, -2, 7
HIGHLIGHTS; 0. 29, 0
This brings more red into the picture and gives it a warmer tone.

4. Make another Color Balance layer.
MIDTONES; -11, 15, -10
SHADOWS; 13, 0, 0
Brings in a bit of yellow to even out the skin tone; I know she's looking pretty sunburnt right now, but trust me here.

5. Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation/Lightness
MASTER; 0, 2, 0
REDS; 0, 3, 0
Brings out more color in her lips.

6. Poor Effy looks like she fell asleep in a tanning bed. :( But to fix that, we make a new Raster layer and fill it with white. Set that to Screen at 12% opacity. This smooths out the colors by muting them slightly.

7. Duplicate your base again, and drag it to the top. Set that to Soft Light at 15% opacity.
This brings out more dimension, again.

8. Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves
RGB; p1: 75> 93
I love Curves. This layer brightens up the colors, and lightens everything just a little bit.

And you're done! Enjoy!

Remember that these exact settings do not work with every singlel picture. Change up opacities, play around witht he settings on Color Balance, etc. :)

7th-Feb-2010 07:25 am (UTC)
Hey, you have you PM dissabled so I couldn't message you this but.

just a reminder you have invites for skinsland waiting for you!

You can accept them by selecting the "Manage Your Invites" button in the communities section on your main bar!


16th-Mar-2010 06:28 am (UTC)

Only leaving this here cause LJ won't let me message you

Great to have you onboard for the skins podcast. This'd be a lot easier to chat about on an instant messenger, like MSN or AIM. Do you have either of those?

- Sarah
6th-Apr-2010 06:32 pm (UTC)
Again, leaving this here since your PM option it set to off...

I have added you to Team Chris and the main Skinsland comm. please accept the invites and you can get started at skinsland!
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